Let’s Play Handstands

Let’s Play Handstands

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Introducing Let's Play Handstands! An exciting card game designed to keep kids active, entertained, and master the art of handstands! With 29 unique handstand postures, this game is perfect for children aged 6 and above who love gymnastics and want to have a blast while improving their skills.

Lets Play Handstands is a great gift for any child who loves doing handstands as the game is designed to be able to play in 1 Player mode along with their family & friends.

Lets Play Handstands are water proof to enjoy by the pool or beach and are high durability quality for a long lasting game.

Proudly created by a Mum who used to play this game as a child herself and has passed on the joy to her kids. Now it's time for the world to enjoy this game - Lets Play Handstands.